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These are real, large, domestic horse skulls from Quebec. These b-grade skulls have various degrees of damage from the bolt used by the abattoir but would still make great display pieces.

Each skull is unique but the photos are representative of what you will receive. These can be shipped worldwide! 

For those that are wondering - do we support cruel farming practices? Neigh! We actually boycott any farm or abattoir with pending (or past) cruelty charges... but we also feel it is horribly disrespectful to throw any part of an animal into a garbage dump. Animals deserve to be loved and respected, even in death. We also felt it would be incredibly dishonest to provide these skulls without sharing the real story of how any animal part is sourced. 

If you have an issue with the horse-abbatoir situation, don't attack a recycling/salvage operation that finances conservation and education work. Combat the actual reason horses are being farmed, and the only economic factor that makes it viable - the demand for horse meat. Nobody would ever kill a horse for a skull.

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