Greek-Bactrian Silver Drachma, Menander I Soter

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These are real Greco-Bactrian silver drachma coins, featuring King Menander I Soter! Dating back between 165-130BCE, these specimens would make a great start, or addition, to any collection.

Menander I Soter was a Greco-Bactrian, and later an Indo-Greek king that ruled a large territory in the Northwestern region of the Indian subcontinent.

Considered the greatest of the Indo-Greek kings, he ruled from 165-130BCE, with his capital located in Sagala (modern day Sialkot, Pakistan). He is particularly notable for becoming a patron of, and converting to, Greco-Buddhism.

It is believed that he began his reign as a king of Bactria, but launched a series of successful military campaigns, including the Punjab, which resulted in a kingdom stretching from the Kabul River Valley to the Ravi River and from the Swat River Valley to Helmand Province.
He spent his last years with his territory embattled by civil wars, and died in camp during a military campaign after 35 years of reign.

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They come in ~1.25" diameter gem jars.

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