Greater Short-Nosed Fruit Bat, Lantern Display


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This is a real Greater Short-Nosed fruitbat (Cynopterus sphinx) skeleton! 

This specimen has been artistically mounted in a traditional hanging pose and setup in a stunning lantern diorama by Dan Malette.

The lantern can be hung and measures ~10.25" tall. The bat will be shipped detached from the lantern to ensure it arrives safely. It just hooks back on.

We can ship this specimen worldwide.

These bats are indigenous to the areas of Indonesia, Malaysia, and New Guinea.

They are sustainably hunted by the local peoples as a source of food and income. These bats have been studied and rated a level of "Least Concern" on the IUCN index of endangered/at-risk species due to their high reproductive rate and widespread distribution.

**There may be slight variations in these mounts**

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