Globidens Mosasaur Predator & Prey Set A


$85.00 CAD $150.00 CAD

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Globidens mosasaur predator and prey set for sale! This set has a globidens mosasaur tooth alongside a slightly iridescent ammonite!

Unlike the more common Mosasaurs, featuring sharp teeth, Globidens was a highly specialized marine reptile that evolved rounded teeth to crush hard shelled mollusks (including ammonites and bivalves).

This set measures ~2.5" across and can be shipped worldwide!

Mosasaurs are a massive, extinct, species of aquatic reptile. These ferocious apex predators are often considered the "T-Rex of the sea". These genuine Moroccan specimens date back to the Late Cretaceous period.

You may recognize the mosasaur as the giant aquatic creature in the film Jurassic World!

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