Fossil American Camel Skull (Poebrotherium)

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This is a real fossilized American camel skull, humerus and partial ulna (Poebrotherium wilsoni) from the Brule Formation of South Dakota! 

While we typically think of Asia or the Middle East when pondering camels, they actually evolved in the subtropical forests of ancient North America!

Some migrated across the Bering Strait to become the camels we recognize today, while others migrated south and evolved into llamas, alpacas, vicuna, and guanaco. 

Though this specimen dating back to the Middle Oligocene (~30 million years bp), these extinct Poebrotherium camelids roamed North America from 46.3-13.6 million years before present.

The only restoration on the fossil is some minor crack filling, and the matrix has had some rebuilding to help stabilize the specimen for safe display.

This specimen measures ~13" long x 8" tall.

We can ship this fossil worldwide!

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