Emperor Trajan Silver Denarius

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Dating back to ~98-117CE, this is a real Ancient Roman silver denarius, minted under the rule of Emperor Trajan! 

Trajan, the soldier-emperor, is famous for leading the greatest military expansion in Roman history, leadinf to the empire's greatest territorial holdings at the time of his death.

His great works weren't all bloodshed and conquering, he also implemented extensive social welfare policies, and public works projects. For his accomplishments at home and abroad, he was declared optimus princeps (best ruler) by the senate and an enduring status as the second of Rome's "Five Good Emperors".

He reigned for roughly 19 years. He fell ill in early 117CE and headed back to Italy. After a steady decline over the period of several months, he died on August 11th of a stroke.

The reverse of the coin depicts the Roman god Mars, the god of war and protector of agriculture. He is depicted holding a spear in his hand and with a trophy over his left shoulder.

This silver coin measures ~.75" diameter and comes in an authentication/protective case.

We can ship this ancient artifact worldwide.

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