Emperor Nero Silver Tetradrachm B

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This is a real Ancient Roman silver tetradrachm coin, featuring the emperor Nero!

Nero (Nero Claudius Caeser Augustus Germanicus) was the emperor of Rome from October 13th 54CE - June 9th 68CE.

The rule of Nero is best known for its tyranny and his openly extravagant lifestyle. While there is scholarly debate about the quality of his reign and the validity of ancient sources, Tacitus wrote of the public's displeasure at Nero's corruption and Suetonius went as far as to claim that the Great Fire of Rome was intentionally started by Nero to clear land for his desired palace complex.

Nero's life and rule ended in suicide upon learning he'd been condemned to death as a public enemy.

This silver coin dates back to ~62-63CE, featuring his portrait on one side and an eagle with spread wings on a palm branch upon the reverse.

This coin measures ~1" diameter and can be shipped worldwide.

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