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Dating back to ~218-222CE, this is a real Ancient Roman silver denarius, minted under the rule of Emperor Elagabalus (Marcus Aurelius Antoninus)! 

While still a teenager, he reigned as the Roman Emperor from 218-222CE. His rule was short, but the tales of his religious controversy and sex scandals far outlived him. 

He was born of an Arab family in Emesa (Homs), Syria and had served as the head priest of the sun god Elagabal from a young age. He found himself on the Roman throne after the death of his cousin, emperor Caracalla, and an army revolt instigated by his grandmother Julia Maesa. 

In violation of religious tradition, he replaced Jupiter with Elagabal as the head of the Roman Pantheon. He also forced leading members of the government to participate in these "heathen" rites celebrating their new deity.

Further angering the government, the military and members of the public, he also broke sexual taboos - marrying four women, including a Vestal Virgin and lavishing favours on male couriers believed to have been his lovers.

At only 18 years old, he was assassinated and replaced by his cousin Severus Alexander in March 222.

This silver coin measures ~.75" diameter and weighs 2.3g.

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