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Dating back to ~198-217CE, this is a real Ancient Roman silver denarius, minted under the rule of Emperor Caracalla! 

In 198CE, his father Emperor Septimius Severus declared him co-ruler with his brother Geta. Opting against sharing power, he had the Praetorian Guard assassinate his brother, shortly after his father's death in 211.

Despite being Emperor, he grew bored of administrative duties and passed them onto his mother. 

His notable, positive, achievements include the Edict of Caracalla - which granted citizenship to all free men in the Roman Empire. He also ordered the construction of the second-largest baths in Rome, and introduced a new coinage named the antoninianus (something of a double denarius).

These achievements have historically been overshadowed by his brutality against those who opposed (or appeared to oppose him). In the German frontier, he dealt with the threat posted by Alamanni Germanic tribes, militarily defeating some and subduing a few others through diplomatic agreements. 

Citizens of Alexandria had also heard of Caracalla's ludicrous assertions that he'd killed his brother in self-defense and produced a satire mocking the claim. 

Caracalla responded to the insult by slaughtering the city's welcoming party, who had gathered to celebrate his arrival, and ordering his forces to loot and plunder the city.

He then began a military campaign against the Parthians, after an attempt to claim rule of their empire via marriage was unsuccessful. 

In 217CE, during these military campaigns, Caracalla stopped to urinate when he was approached by a disgruntled soldier named Justin Martialis, who proceeded to stab Caracalla to death. 

This silver coin measures ~.75" diameter and weighs 3.5g.

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