Domestic Pig Brain in Skull Jar


$50.00 CAD $100.00 CAD

Pig brain for sale! These brains can be shipped worldwide and the jars measure roughly 3"-4"

They are the salvaged discards from Ontario farms.

The domestic pig (Sus scrofa domesticus) was domesticated from wild boars by the peoples of the Tigris basin in roughly 13,000–12,700 BC. These specimens were sustainably sourced from farms in Ontario, Canada.

We refuse to use formaldehyde, due to the high risk of nerve damage and cancer from exposure. It is extremely irresponsible for sellers to put their lives and the lives of their customers at risk for a decorative object.

Please note: Postal regulations prohibit us shipping the jars full of alcohol. The buyer will have to refill the jar upon arrival. 70% isopropyl is available at all major pharmacies.

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