Cleopatra Ptolemaic Egyptian Silver Tetradrachm

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This is a real Ancient Ptolemaic Egyptian silver tetradrachm coin, minted during the reign of the legendary Pharoah Cleopatra VII!

Though Ptolemaic Egyptian coinage typically featured an image of the dynasty's founder - Ptolemy I Soter, the portrait was usually altered to closer resemble the current ruler. In this instance, Ptolemy I is shown with softer, feminine, features to evoke a closer connection with Cleopatra herself.

This silver coin dates back to 41-40BCE and was minted in Alexandria. It features the portrait of Ptolemy I on one side and an eagle clutching a lightning bolt, with a palm branch over it's shoulder on the reverse.

Ancient Egypt actually never had their own system of coinage, with the first Egyptian coins only being minted after the conquest of their lands by the Ancient Greeks.

This coin measures ~1.25" diameter and weighs 14g. It comes in a protective gem jar and can be shipped worldwide.

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