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These are REAL Chelyabinsk meteorites! 

On February 15th 2013, at 9:20AM local time (YEKT) the Chelyabinsk meteor entered the atmosphere over the town of its namesake. 

Traveling at roughly 60-69,000kph (40-42,900mph), it exploded 29.7km (18.5mph) above the ground. The explosion was brighter than the sun and visible for over 100km (62 miles) away.

The explosion was estimated to be the equivalent of 400-500 kilotons of TNT, or 26-33x the energy of the Hiroshima atomic bomb detonation.

7200 buildings in the 6 cities below its path were damaged and 1500 people were injured from broken glass and the other effects of the shockwave.

Videos and photos of the meteor are widely available online.

These specimens of the Chelyabinsk meteorite are encased in labeled ~1.5" diameter gem jars. 


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