Bengal Eagle Owl Taxidermy B, B Grade


$395.00 CAD $1,200.00 CAD

This is a real Bengal eagle owl taxidermy mount! It was born in captivity and died of natural causes. This animal was imported in full compliance with CITES - the international regulatory body for animal parts.

Tragically these birds fall victim to local superstition in their native range, where some misguided individuals believe that an owl hooting upon a rooftop is an omen of impending doom to those inside. Others go so far as to poach and torture these poor birds to force them to reveal their "dark knowledge" or to find a "lucky bone" inside of them.

We are strongly against such barbaric abuse against any living animal and are proud to have sourced this sustainably and legally from a captive breeder. As this is not a hunting trophy it may exhibit imperfections. Please review the photos posted on the website.

It is a crime to trade in local migratory and predatory birds of prey in North America but this exotic species does not fall under our continental restrictions.



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