Azes II Silver Tetradrachm (One of Biblical Three Wise Men)

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$175.00 CAD $250.00 CAD

This is a real Ancient Indo-Scythian silver tetradrachm coin featuring the king Azes II (believed to be one of the biblical three Wise Men to visit Jesus), riding a horse following a star! 

The reverse of the coin depicts a robed Zeus. 

This biblical coinage dates back to c. 35BCE-5CE.

Azes II is speculated to have been the final Indo-Scythian king, and reigned over the northern Indian subcontinent (generally, modern-day Pakistan). 

After his death, the region was conquered by the Kushans and then, soon after, faced another invasion by the Parthians from the west.

These are representative photos, showing the possible variation of the randomly-selected coin. It comes in a protective gem jar for easy and safe display. 

PRICE IS PER COIN and they can be shipped worldwide.

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