Archaeology Set


$75.00 CAD $100.00 CAD

Looking to start or expand your ancient artifact collection? The SkullStore Archaeology Set makes a great addition to any home or curiosity cabinet. There are four amazing relics included:

-1 real Ancient Egyptian mummy bead! These antiquities date back between 700-300BC and are most commonly found in burial sites, hence the name "mummy bead".

-1 real fragment of Ancient Egyptian mummy linen! They date back to the Ptolemaic Dynasty of Egypt, 305 - 30 BC.

-1 real fragment of Anasazi pottery dating back 600-1000 years! They were originally surface finds on private property in Arizona and collected in full compliance with local laws. 

-1 real Roman imperial or provincial bronze coin! Dating back to 100-400AD, these specimens were found in modern day Croatia. 

Please keep in mind, these artifacts date back hundreds to thousands of years. Please expect some variation in the specific items. Worldwide shipping is available!

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