Ancient Greek Elephant Silver Drachm

SkullStore Inc.

$695.00 CAD $1,000.00 CAD

This is a real Ancient Indo-Greek silver drachm coin featuring an elephant on one side and a zebu bull on the other! 

It isn't every day you see an ancient coin with an elephant on it, let alone a square coin! This bizarre coinage dates back to 174-165BCE.

This coin was minted under the reign of Apollodotus I, an Indo-Greek king. Apollodotus I ruled the western and southern parts of the Indo-Greek kingdom, from Taxila in Punjab to the areas of Sindh and Gujarat.

He was the first Greek king to rule lands exclusively within India and these coins are actually bilingual! 

We can ship this .5" x .5" coin worldwide. It comes in a protective gem jar for easy and safe display. 

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