Ancient Greek Dolphin Rider Didrachm Coin D (SALE)

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This is a real Ancient Greek silver didrachm coin featuring a man riding a dolphin! 

Minted in the ancient city of Tarentum, in the Calabria region of Italy, this bizarre coinage dates back to 302-280BCE.

One side of this bizarre coin features a nude man riding a dolphin, with a festive cup in one hand and a trident in the other. The reverse depicts a nude, man riding a horse.

Archeologists haven't reached a consensus as to the identity of the dolphin rider, but it's believed that he is either Taras, son of Poseidon who was saved by a shipwreck by a dolphin, or Phalanthus - the founder of Tarentum.

We can ship this .75" diameter coin worldwide. It comes in a protective gem jar for easy and safe display. 

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