Ancient Egyptian Pillar of Djed B

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Dating back to the Late Period (664-332BCE), this is a real Ancient Egyptian pillar of Djed amulet!

The Djed is a symbol in hieroglyphs representing stability and was likely intended to represent the spine of Osiris - God of the afterlife, underworld and the dead.

In the myth of Osiris, Osiris was killed by Set after being tricked into entering a specially-crafted coffin. Once Osiris was deceased, Set threw this coffin into the Nile, where it drifted until running aground at the city of Byblos.

After it washed up on the shore, a sacred tree grew around the coffin, trapping it within the trunk. Unaware of the tree's hidden contents, the king cut down the tree and had it installed as a pillar in his palace.

Isis and Anubis searched the lands for the body of Osiris and, upon reclaiming and consecrating the pillar, it became known as the pillar of djed.

This amulet measures ~1" tall and can be shipped worldwide!

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