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This is a REAL Ancient Egyptian Heart Amulet! It dates back to the Late Period 664-332BCE and was acquired from an archaeological estate.

Within the wrappings of a mummy, the Heart Amulet would be placed atop of where the heart would reside during life.

To the Ancient Egyptians, the heart (ib) was the source of a person's intelligence, emotions and actions, and would be left in the body during mummification. In the afterlife one would have to partake in the Weighing of the Heart Ceremony, where their heart would be weighed against the divine ostrich feather of Ma'at (the goddess of truth).

This judgement of one's heart played a central role in the rebirth of a person in the afterlife and the ceremony would be overseen by Osiris and a demon named Ammit "The Devourer".

Should the heart be heavy with the weight of wrongdoings and misdeeds, it would be eaten by "The Devourer" and all hopes of an afterlife would be lost.

These amulets were of special significance during burial rituals, helping win favor with Osiris and bettering the odds of a successful journey into the afterlife. Their importance is vividly highlighted by their reference within six chapters of the Egyptian Book of the Dead.

Our ancient Heart Amulets come framed in a high quality ~3.25" tall riker mount! This can be shipped worldwide!