SOS - Prehistoria Museum Fundraiser

It's the classic Toronto story - the building that houses our museum and store has been sold to developers and they are going to demolish it. We have until December 31st to secure a new location and safely move well over 20,000 specimens - ranging from beads made from dinosaur poop to an entire pilot whale skeleton!



Prehistoria is Ontario's only FREE ADMISSION natural history museum! To learn more about our educational and conservation work, click here!


How can you help?

We're currently working on finding a new location in Toronto for our store and museum but once we have locked down a new spot we'll be looking for volunteers to help pack and move. 

We'll also be announcing fundraising events at our museum and at other locations around the city, so please keep your eyes peeled!

To Help Right Now:

This move is going to be extremely expensive, let alone accomodating the skyrocketing rent prices in Toronto. Every donation, no matter how small, makes a big difference for us right now. Please also consider placing your Christmas/personal orders a little earlier this year, as our operations are entirely funded by SkullStore purchases.