Bowhead Whale Vertebrae XXL


$475.00 CAD $650.00 CAD

This is a real XXL bowhead whale vertebrae, sourced from the Inuit of the Canadian arctic!

The bowhead is a large baleen whale found in Arctic and Sub-Arctic waters. Bowhead whales are the longest living mammal on Earth, with individuals being dated at over 200 years old! Reaching upto 18m in length and weighing upto 100 tonnes, these massive whales are sustenance hunted by the Inuit peoples in very limited numbers.

Bowheads are uniquely efficient at breaking the sea ice to breathe, breaching through upto 60cm (2ft) of solid ice! This specimen is available exclusively in Canada.

This vertebrae (back bone) measures 36" wide, 24" tall and 12" thick.

If you are located outside of Ontario please allow time for a permit to be processed. 

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