Brown Hyena Taxidermy Mount (NO USA SHIPPING)


$3,750.00 CAD $6,000.00 CAD

This is a real adult Brown Hyena taxidermy mount! These hyenas are indigenous to Sub-Saharan Africa.

This particular ~4ft 3in animal was tragically hit by a car and the body was salvaged. We can ship this specimen worldwide, excluding the USA! 

**SHIPPING INFORMATION: This mount is obviously too large to be sent by the post office. The website shipping charges should be considered a deposit, and we will secure a full quote by FedEx upon purchase. Curbside pickup is available at our Toronto location**

Brown hyenas are armed with a large sagital crest (an elongation at the rear of the skull that anchors the jaw muscles) allowing them to chew through even the toughest of bones. 

This factor, in combination with their digestive processes, makes them the most efficient user of animal matter in the African ecosystem.

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