Martian Meteorite - NWA 6963


$40.00 CAD $65.00 CAD

NWA 6963 is a Martian meteorite recovered in the Saharan Desert in September 2011! Martian meteorites are rocks ejected into space by asteroid impacts on Mars that possessed enough force to blast debris offworld. Some of this debris was captured by the gravitational pull of the Earth.

It was found by a Moroccan meteorite hunter and was later scientifically determined to be Achondrite (Martian, shergottite) with a high shock grade grade based on the complete transformation of plagioclase to maskelynite.

This Martian material was cut into smaller pieces and the specimens we have available are fragments from that process. They are in a 1"x1" protective display case.

They can be shipped worldwide! Price is per specimen. They come with a lifetime guarantee of authenticity.

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