Fetal Human Skeleton, 19th Century (SALE)


$12,750.00 CAD $20,000.00 CAD

This is a real, 19th Century, fetal human skeleton! It comes with a necklace of human teeth.

This rare specimen would make a great addition to any osteological or reference collection and can be shipped, to respectful home, worldwide!

This skeleton is an ONLINE EXCLUSIVE and is not available for viewing in-store. 


While this may be a sensitive subject for some people, we thank you for sharing our compassion towards this beautiful and sensitive antique specimen.

Even during one of the hardest moments in a woman's life, she wanted this stillborn fetus to have a chance to live on and inspire via preservation. 

It has been a preserved specimen for decades longer than any of our staff have been alive.

Not only has it been granted the opportunity to live on for the past decades-century, it now has a chance for a second life of inspiring, as a natural work of art and anatomical reference.

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