$95.00 CAD

This is a set of real dinosaur and amber fossils! Included is a real Spinosaurus dinosaur tooth and a piece of Sumatran amber!

Spinosaurus (a carnivorous, finned, dinosaur) lived in what is now North Africa about 112-97 million years ago. 

The real pieces of Sumatran Amber are ~20 million years old!

Price is per set, and the photos are representative of the variation the buyer will receive. They measure ~3" tall and can be shipped worldwide.

Amber is nature's time machine. In a laboratory, scientists can measure the ancient atmospheric content from trapped bubbles and sometimes even isolate the type of ecosystem and season by the plants, animals insects, pollen and spores trapped within.

Spinosaurus is one of the largest of all carnivorous dinosaurs, in some ways comparable to other Tyrannosaurus! Their diet included fish, and it is believed that they were semi-aquatic like a modern crocodilian! Spinosaurus had a large fin down its back, which is how it earned the name.