Ancient Egyptian Child Sarcophagus Lid


$29,850.00 CAD $65,000.00 CAD

This is an incredibly rare opportunity to own a piece of Ancient Egyptian history! We are honored to make available this authentic, fantastic, cover of an ancient child sarcophagus. It dates back to the Third Intermediate Period (22nd to 24th Dynasty) - roughly 945 to 732 BCE.

This beautiful specimen features a wide-eyed depiction of the deceased, wearing a classic headdress adorned with a scarab beetle (a symbol of rebirth, regeneration and the heavenly cycle).

A glyph along the centre of the sarcophagus indicates an offering is being made to Anubis (the God associated with mummification and the afterlife, until his replacement by Osiris) and he is depicted in his jackal form.

This specimen was purchased from a private collection in the United States and was removed from Egypt prior to their national ban on antiquities export.

It measures ~47" tall and 11.5" wide, and comes with professionally crafted display stand. Worldwide shipping is available!

You can email for additional information and payment options.

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