Trinitite crystal, photo by Shaddack, wikipedia
 Contents: Silicone and iron
or copper.
 Formula: varies with content
 First created: July 16, 1945 in
New Mexico, USA.

Trinitite is a galss-like residue left by an American nuclear bomb test near Alamogordo, New Mexico in 1945. The name comes from the word Trinity, which was the codename for the nuclear test.

A theory suggested in 2005 by Los Alamos National Laboratory’s Robert Hermes and independent researcher William Strickfaden states that trinitite is composed mainly of silicone and is essentially send that was melted by the blast and later returned to a solid state. Some rare samples on trinitite will take on a different color depending on what was in the sand at its location at the time of the blast. Iron makes it black, while copper makes it red. Some other samples of trinitite have a perfect round shape and closely resemble pearls. Those are theorized to be pieces of molten sand that turned solid before htting the ground.

Kharitonchik, a residue left after a nuclear test in the Soviet Union, is very similar to trinitite. It is a porous black material named after Yrui Borisovich Khariton, the most prominent Soviet nuclear scientist at the time.

Authentic Trinitite Crystals

Trinitite crystal, photo by Shaddack, wikipedia

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